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The mosaic of Ktisis.

The beautiful mosaic of Ktisis was discovered in the Complex of Eustolios, at Kourion.

Ktisis is depicted as a young woman within a medallion and in a prominent place of the House of Eustolios. She is holding her usual measuring stick. Ktisis personifies the Foundation and the Building Power.

The complex of Eustolios is situated in an imposing position at the southeast end of Kourion. The building was the residence of a rich inhabitant of the town and dates to the end of the 4th century-early 5th century A.D.. It consists of many rooms surrounding two courtyards and a bath establishment. The floors are decorated with elaborated mosaic mosaic pavements, which cover the majority of the building.

Through the inscriptions we know the name of the owner, a certain Eustolios as well as the fact that he was a Christian.

Photo: @https://www.worldhistory.org/image/10218/byzantine-mosaic-with-a-personification-of-ktisis/ 
Info: @departmentofantiquities_cyprus